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This post contains extra reading material, articles and other resources, related to recent blog posts including Planning for the unexpected: community advocates urge immigrants to prepare for raids and Faith and Phoenix: Convening in Arizona after SB1070 (a series about how faith based groups with national conventions scheduled in Phoenix responded to Arizona’s image crises during and after the passage of SB 1070. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the full story.)

Articles on Sheriff Arapio’s immigration raids

Arpaio raids Car Wash – on 14 June 2009

Joe Arpaio Arrests Four Cleaning Ladies in 74th Immigration RaidPhoenix New Times on 9 August 2013

Arpaio Fires Up Hispanic-Hunting Raids, Going After the Smallest Fish He Can FindPhoenix New Times on 25 July 2013

As Feds Slow Deportations, Arpaio Continues Ariz. RaidsNew America Media on 23 July 2013

Joe Arpaio Retaliates Against Katherine Figueroa, Hits Uncle Sam’s with Immigration RaidPhoenix New Times on 18 July 2013

Joe Arpaio B-Day Bomb: Judge Wants Monitor in MelendresPhoenix New Times on 14 June 2013

Judge Finds Violations of Rights by SheriffThe New York Times on 24 May 2013

Melendres vs. Arpaio DecisionJudge Murray Snow via Fronteras Desk on 24 May 2013

Federal Judge Rules Against Arpaio’s Agency On Racial Profiling IssueFronteras Desk on 24 May 2013

Cut ties between Maricopa County and ICEPolitic365 on 20 March 2013

U.S. Finds Pervasive Bias Against Latinos by Arizona SheriffThe New York Times on 15 September 2011

Arpaio raids Car Wash – on 14 June 2009

Articles on the August federal raid at Danny’s Family Car Wash

Former Danny’s Family Car Wash employees say company violated labor rightsABC15 on 22 August 2013

Danny’s Family Car Wash Raid by ICE and Minuteman Richard Malley Doing Same Job?Phoenix New Times on 20 August 2013

Former Danny’s Family Car Wash employees say undocumented workers stole their identitiesABC15 on 20 August 2013

Car-wash managers accused of rehiring illegal immigrantsThe Arizona Republic on 20 August 2013

Carwash Managers Held in Immigration RaidsThe New York Times on 19 August 2013

Dreamers growl at ObamaThe Arizona Republic on 19 August 2013

Danny’s raid won’t inspire confidenceThe Arizona Republic on 19 August 2013

Feds: Danny’s Family Car Wash helped fake ID’s, rehired illegal workersABC15 on 19 August 2013

ICE agents raid Arizona car wash chainCNN on 18 August 2013

Danny’s Family Car Wash locations raided by federal agentsKTVK on 17 August 2013

Feds: 14 arrested in Phoenix-area car wash raidsKPHO on 17 August 2013

Federal agents raid Phoenix-area Danny’s Car Wash locations and photosThe Arizona Republic on 17 August 2013

Federal agents raid 16 Danny’s Family Car Wash locations in criminal investigationABC15 on 17 August 2013

ICE Raids Danny’s Family Car WashArizona Dream Act Coalition on 17 August 2013 (also United We Dream Condemns Massive ICE Raid in Arizona, Demands Release of Those Unfairly Detained and End to Out-of-Control Immigration Enforcement)

Joe Arpaio-Fave Danny’s Family Car Wash Raided by ICEPhoenix New Times on 17 August 2013

Articles on separated families & Katherine Figueroa

Sandra Figueroa, Katherine's mother, attends a community meeting at Creighton Elementary. - 12 September 2012

Sandra Figueroa, Katherine’s mother, attends a community meeting at Creighton Elementary. – 12 September 2012

Both of Katherine Figueroa’s parents were working at the same Peoria car wash when it was raided in October 2009. Katherine, 9-years-old at the time, made a personal plea to President Barrack Obama for her parents’ release. Without her aunt and uncle stepping in, Figueroa’s custody would have been in limbo as well as her daily life. Advocates say that some immigrant parents often find themselves fighting to keep their children as well as avoid deportation – and sometimes losing both battles.

Illegal: life and death in Arizona’s immigration war zone by Terry Greene Sterling: a nuanced look at politics and immigration in Phoenix including personal stories. (and Facebook page for Illegal)

Two Americans a film by Daniel De Vivo and Valeria Fernández: “A daring take on America’s most recognized lawman and his impact on an entire community.” (also Facebook page for Two Americans)

Joe Arpaio Retaliates Against Katherine Figueroa, Hits Uncle Sam’s with Immigration RaidPhoenix New Times on 18 July 2013

Arizona Couple Among Dozens To Get Deportation ReliefFronteras Desk on 18 July 2013

Along With Dolls and Stuffed Animals, Making Time for Immigration ActivismThe New York Times on 17 July 2013

Girl, women describe discrimination in ArizonaAssociated Press via The Arizona Republic on 10 June 2010

Articles on SB 1070 and the Arizona boycott

The New York Times: Arizona Immigration Law (SB 1070)

Fronteras Desk: A Brief History Of SB 1070

Arizona’s tourism sector rebounds to pre-recession levelsPhoenix Business Journal on 11 July 2013

S.B. 1070: In Plain EnglishSCOTUS Blog on 25 June 2013

SB1070 chart.xlsxAppeals Court To Hear Arizona SB 1070 Harboring-And-Transporting Provision and infographicFronteras Desk on 2 April 2013

Phoenix: Convention slump tied to SB 1070The Arizona Republic on 2 January 2013

Asian-American says Latinos not only ones hit by SB 1070The Arizona Republic on 25 November 2012

Border roundup: 1070 in effect, corruption in MexicoTucson Sentinel on 28 September 2012

Latino Voters Less Enthusiastic About Romney After Hearing His SB 1070 ViewsThe Huffington Post on 23 July 2012

ACLU: Pearce e-mails prove SB 1070 was racially motivatedArizona Republic on 19 July 2012

Arizona Businesses Brace for Pain Over Immigration RulingBloomberg News on 27 April 2012

With More Mexican Immigrants Leaving Than Entering, Does SB 1070 Still Matter?Fox News Latino on 25 April 2012

SB 1070 Boycott Over? NCLR Says, “Yes,” Sal Reza Says, “Hell, No!”Phoenix New Times on 10 September 2011

Arizona immigration advocates change tacticsTrans-Border News Blog on 6 July 2011

Immigrant advocates plan ribbon, protest against all-star game in Arizona The San Diego Union-Tribune on 1 July 2011

Sound Strike organizer talks SB 1070 boycottArizona Republic on 1 June 2011

Union calls off Arizona SB 1070 boycottPhoenix Business Journal on 23 September 2010

Latino Baseball Fans Reluctant to Join Arizona BoycottLa Prensa San Diego on 27 August 2010

Mapping the SB 1070 BoycottsColorLines on 2 August 2010

Articles on The U.S. Mennonite Church’s 2013 National Convention in Phoenix

• Mennonite Church USA: Why Phoenix? and U.S. Mennonite Church convention events

Was Phoenix worth it?The Mennonite on August 2013

Is’nt God for everyone?The Mennonite on July 2013

Pink Menno demonstration calls for repentance, inclusionMennonite World Review on 22 July 2013

Phoenix lures conventions despite heatThe Arizona Republic on 7 July 2013

An unfortunate teachable moment on Race and Public WitnessThe Houston Chronicle on 5 July 2013

Over 100 Mennonites cross border into Mexico during conventionThe Mennonite on 1 July 2013

Avoid Getting Crushed While the Dividing Wall FallsBlog from the Belly on 26 June 2013

Phoenix: A Cry of LamentHouston Mennonite Church: The Church of the Sermon of the Mount on 10 January 2011

2 Mennonite groups planning to mergeChicago Tribune on 1 July 2001

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