MFM blog update: More reported missing


Manuel Cortez RodriguezManuel Cortez Rodriguez was born in Moroleon Guanajuato, Mexico and he was 31-years-old when he contacted his family on November 3, 2011. Rodriguez was planning on crossing the U.S.-Mexico border very soon somewhere between the states of Arizona and Sonora.

November came and went without either his arrival or any further communication.

So did the months that followed.

Today Rodriguez’s family is still trying to find out what happened. They’re reaching out to organizations like the Mexican Consulate and the Pima County Missing Migrant Project for information and advice. They’re asking questions. And they’re waiting.

Earlier this summer his niece Maria shared his story in the comments section of the blog, joining a steady trickle of reports. Till now they’ve been scattered between the blog’s email at, Facebook page, Twitter twitter @MissingFmMexico and comments on its posts and pages. Those reports are now gathered and centralized at the More missing page.

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