MFM blog update: summing up the first year of the search for Andy


When Eddie contacted me in August 2011 neither of us knew how long the search for his brother-in-law Andy might last.

After working with law enforcement, humanitarian volunteers, activists and the medical examiner, Andy’s family is still waiting for answers.

Some have consulted psychics known as brujas. Some have driven the highways of Arizona stopping at local hospitals, police stations and prisons. Others have retraced Cota’s route from Tijuana to Cananea, posting flyers with his name and photographs along the way.

fragment of a Spanish Bible found in Tumacácori, Arizona on 13 February 2010Today I’m posting a summary of the first year of the search for Andy to go along with the timeline of Andy’s travel between Mexico and the U.S. By permission of his family, the piece includes Andy’s full name, Andres Venzuela Cota, which is visible on his dental records and missing persons flyer.

andres missing poster

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