MFM blog update: Birthday post


One year ago today, this blog started with its very first post. Since then the goal has been to follow Eddie’s search for his missing brother-in-law, Andy, while also expanding coverage of related border issues including missing persons and forensics cases.

A lot has happened already.

There’s been ups: MfM has gone social with a Twitter account and a Facebook page.

The growing database of articles, radio pieces, video and official reports about border issues, forensics and reporting is constantly growing with with room for many, many more submissions.

Resources are being gathered for both missing persons searches and news and resource sources.

And there’s been downs: Eddie’s search for Andy continues.

That’s just the first year.

Today Missing from Mexico would like to say: thank you.

Thank you for all the interest in the issues and the support of the blog.

And please stay tuned: there’s much more planned for the the year ahead.


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