barrio brujas: turning to the other side


This summer Eddie has described what he considers troublesome developments when it comes to how his family is handling Andy’s disappearance, now nearly one year ago.

“The family of Monse, they’re going to these people like card readers, they are like, you know, what you call this…?”

“Like psychics?” I asked.

“We’re dealing with those those brujas, you call them, brujas,” Eddie said. “Brujas are the people like psychics. They’re telling the family things.”

Monse is Eddie’s wife and Andy’s sister. Her niece, sister and brother have all gone and there’s at least two psychics between them. Monse’s gone at least once now too.

“This is really depressing, you know, they went yesterday to this psychic lady, and said he’s dead, and they will find his body. He was tortured. He was starved. You know, bullshit like that.”

Eddie hasn’t gotten far expressing his skepticism to Monse.

“I’m telling my wife, but she doesn’t believe me. She thinks those things are true, and [the bruja]’s telling them to go to the cemetery, put some bread, some water, his soul is floating around the earth, so he can go to heaven.”

Eddie said he wants to confront the woman, “you know, stop telling my family like that,” but his wife will not give him the Los Angeles area address. No one will tell him how many times they’ve gone, and he thinks they’re paying between $60 and $100 a visit – and if they stay away too long, this bruja contacts them.

“She calls after a couple months and says, ‘oh, I have some news for you, come on over,” Eddie said.

“And they’ve been telling her family that Andy has been kidnapped, has been tortured, he’s been killed from starvation and killed two months ago and they should look for his body in Mexico,” Eddie said. “The family is very depressed. They’re crying. They’re upset.”

I ask if the bruja has at least given any hint of where to find him.

“No, she didn’t say the location,” Eddie said. “She said, ‘go to Mexico, to where he was disappeared, then go south’ – but it’s like, it’s not one street, but in the whole world.”

Now Eddie think thinks Monse may keep listening to the bruja too.

“She’s going to go see them again, and say, ‘oh, you will be able to find him in the south,’ and then she’s telling her to go to the cemetery in Nogales where then unknown people are buried’ – all kinds of stuff.”

He desperately wants to do something about the situation his own way.

“I really want to be able to see what we can do to – if he’s dead, to find the body. If he’s somewhere, you know, to find him.”

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